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November 17th, 2023

On the Horizon

  • PTC Meeting: November 16th, 7pm @ Fultano's

  • Parent Teacher Conferences: November 20th and 21st via Zoom

  • No School : November 20th-24th

From the Director's Desk

In the Classroom

1st Grade Updates Ms. Mask

In First grade, we are learning about sea stars. We most recently made a classroom quilt in math showcasing a variety of sea stars and students' patchwork skills. We learned how sea stars are unique and how they can help us count by 5's. Did you know that sea stars spit out their stomachs to digest food, and they can regenerate their limbs! 

3rd Grade Updates with Ms. Francis

In Third Grade, we are learning all about salmon! Last week we went on an amazing trip to Eagle Creek National Fish Hatchery. We are also raising salmon eggs, they are so close to hatching. The students have done a wonderful job with their Chinook Fishing tools, and an even better job with sharing their projects with the First Graders. 

Middle School Updates with Mr. Radich

8th Grade Social Studies

We've been looking at the creation of the U.S. Constitution and the compromises and debates that took place in the wake of the Revolutionary War. The study of the three branches of government, as well as an initial dive into the Bill of Rights and other Amendments, will serve as a great foundation when we revisit law again in the spring for Mock Trial.

8th Grade Math

We're getting into non-proportional relationships and equations, looking at various forms of slope formulas, and building toward simultaneous equations. Students continue to have homework every Monday and Wednesday, due on Wed/Fri, in addition to any work they don't finish in class. 

6th Grade Social Studies

After a brief survey of the political landscape and daily life in Ancient Greece--specifically the city-states of Athens and Sparta--we're now moving into a student favorite: Greek Mythology. Students will do some research and expository writing on a Greek God, Goddess, Creature, Hero, or Myth and then we'll all craft our own original brief myth that explains some sort of phenomena. Rounding out the trimester with two modes of writing will take us into the second trimester when 6th Graders shift to seeing me first thing in the morning.

Garden Elective

The garden has pretty well wound down and things are growing at a snail's pace in the greenhouse. However, we've been able to harvest some arugula, mustard greens, micro-greens, turnips, and radishes. We'll continue to sow some greens in the greenhouse for future cafeteria use and are making ourselves useful by composting the large amount of leaves falling from the trees near the Grange parking lot. 

Volunteer Corner

Thank you to all of our community partners and parent volunteers who helped to make the Harvest Fest happen.  It was once again a great success and the weather worked out wonderfully for us this year.  We look forward to this tradition year after year and appreciate all of you that make it possible. We absolutely could not do it without our volunteers!  

If you are interested in volunteering, please make sure that you have updated forms and a cleared/current background check on file with the school.  Background checks need to be renewed every two years.  Keep an eye out for all our upcoming volunteer opportunities and reach out with any questions. 

Thank You,
Kim Lucey and Kelli Magnia
SIS Volunteer Coordinators

PTC Updates

Hello Families! Please join us for our next PTC meeting 7 pm Thursday night, November 16, at Fultano’s in Scappoose. If you can’t join us in person, join us  on Zoom!

Bottle drop flyer for November


Please remember to contact Ann Pavia for any dismissal changes at least one hour before the end of the school day so she may prepare slips for their teachers. Thank you!

If you haven't received a Zoom invitation for your child's teacher conference or need to reschedule, be sure to reach out to their teacher this week.

No School all next week to accommodate conferences and celebrate the holiday. Enjoy your break!

Odds and Ends

  • Please check Lost & Found for any missing treasures! The pile is steadily growing.

  • Rainy season is upon us. Please send your student to school ready for the weather with raincoats and rainboots. Please leave the umbrellas at home!

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Grange Hall Rentals

The Sauvie Island Grange is available to all as a rental space for private parties, meetings and gatherings. You can rent the building by the hour or half-day. The hall space can be rented separately from the kitchen or together based on need. Grange members thoroughly sanitize the hall and kitchen before scheduled use. Please visit this link for more specifics on rentals or contact Katherine Topaz at 503-708-0008. 

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